Adventure -here we come

After wondering and pondering on the meaning of life for a long time, we decided that whatever it is,  we want more of it. Life doesn’t get any longer and we don’t get any younger.

Who hasn’t sometimes dreamed about living in the sun, Andalusia, Provence, Tuscany or something similar? We definitely have. A lot. We thought about our possibilities and limitations of being able to move country, for at least for some time if not permanently. In the end we decided to go for it. In the worst case scenario we will come back with many experiences richer.

I quit my job as a Call Centre Supervisor in the end of March 2011. At that point we started selling lot of stuff in internet auctions and flea markets and we have saved every spear penny that we could have. We are going to sell our house before leaving as well. Unfortunately there wouldn’t be much money over, but at least we can leave with lesser debt.

The plan is to leave in the beginning of September and first drive to France to visit my daughter and her family and from there we are thinking of heading to Umbria, Italy.

Like the headline states -Adventure, here we come!

I will keep you posted 🙂


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