Getting emptier

It is getting emptier in our house. I have carefully packed all the “treasures”, and yes, I am attached to some of my stuff. The storage we rented has showed up to be a real god send after all 🙂

The guy who bought our house, wanted to buy most our furniture as well. That makes everything so much easier in many ways! Bless his old cotton socks. (I don’t know actually if they are really that old…)

Spooky, only three weeks and a bit to go! It is difficult to imagine how it will feel when we finally sit in the car and start driving.

We are going to have a party next weekend with some of the closest friends here. It is nice to have the opportunity to spend one more lovely evening with all of them 🙂

I just wish I could do the same with all my loved ones from Finland! My thoughts are with them and maybe one day they will come and pay us a visit….wherever we might be….


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