Five countries in one day!

Yesterday we didn’t get very far since we stopped to “look around” the 110 outlet shops in Wertheim. It was really cool 🙂 The looking around took us 2.5 hours….not so cool







Then we drove only a short way to Tauberbischopsheim (home for a religous bird, perhaps 🙂 ) where we stayed in very nice and reasonable priced Pensionat Stein.

Today was totally another story! We left 09.30 after breakfast and we passed Dinkelsbühl, Ulm, had lunch in Memmingen and from there we continued to Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and all the way to Italy!


The way from middle Germany and Bayern through all the mountains and breathtaking views is something extremely special. It tickles in the stomach to just watch the surroundings. We even tried to yodel a little bit inspired by the green mountains and steep meadows. We were wondering that how on earth the cows on those steep hills survive without felling, but then we figured that maybe they grow differently so that their legs are longer on the one side and shorter on the other 🙂

Tomorrow we are aiming to reach South France….lets see…



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