From Italy to French Riviera

We drove all the way to French Riviera and on the way there were more or less 60 tunnels, believe it or not! After every tunnel we saw something breath taking! It is difficult to describe the beauty of all hamlets and surroundings we were blessed with every single time we came out from one tunnel after each other.

We stopped in Monaco to take some photos, but didn’t wanna spend too much time there since we really wanted to go to Nice. When we finally arrived there, it was lunch time, conveniently enough 🙂 We had expected to be asked to pay a shirt for something to eat, but we got happily surprised since prices were not close as high as we had expected. We had gorgeous lunch spiced with entertainment in the old town with less than what we had spent on a dinner in Germany. I love Nice with all it’s narrow alleyways seafood smell and colourful people!

I wanted to go and have a swim in Antibes on our way to Cannes, but due to busy traffic it never happened. We wanted to take a photo of the famous Cinema building, but we were so trapped in traffic that we drove straight to Grasse instead and staid the night in a not so very glamorous hotel in there.


Lot to write still but it is getting late,so Bon Nuit until next break with internet connection 🙂


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