Last stretch from Grasse to Bordeaux

We left Grasse after our morning cappuccino’s and headed towards Bordeaux. That bit was amazingly beautiful! We reached the “real” French country side with thousands and thousands grapevines, sunflower fields and olive grows. At this time a year one can only imagine how wonderful the views would be when the sunflowers are in bloom!

We stopped in Arles for lunch, and what a great lunch it was! We eat duck in mushroom sauce with chips and it was just gorgeous. We drew past Nimes, Toulouse, Montauban and saw many hilltop villages, castles and all the beautiful hills and valleys.

Finally we arrived to Bordeaux in the late afternoon sun, conveniently just at dinner time 🙂

I apologise the wrong timeline, but we didn’t have internet connection all the time and since arriving here, we have had so much to do that I haven’t had time to write as much as I wanted.

We totally love it here! Italy might have to wait……..


One comment on “Last stretch from Grasse to Bordeaux

  1. Katariina says:

    Viimeinkin minäkin löysin tämän- Mikä matka, ihan mahtava. Aurinko paistaa ja paistaa, tähän asti nayttää huvältä. onnea jatkolle, seutaan mitä tapahtuu

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