Adventure in Italy changed to life in France

Who would have thought? We were open to all possible opportunities that will be revealed during the way, but that we found the perfect place to stay already.

Before we left Sweden, we had made an appointment with an english couple who own a big farmhouse in the French country side and they wanted to rent it out. It is located about 6km from a small village called Villereal. The closest larger towns are Bergerac and Villeneuve. You can find the official tourist office site in here:

When we walked in to the house for the very first time, we fell in love with the place. It is very charming and the views from the back yard are superb!  There are several different fruit trees, walnut trees and loads of different plants. There is even a small hidden garden, which they call “Gin & Tonic garden”. (Suites Charlie well 🙂 )

We are going to run the place as B&B the next season, starting off with March-April. There are two big double bedrooms downstairs and four more smaller size bedrooms upstairs. All on-suite. Then there is an open kitchen-living area and a huge conservatory with view to the garden. Not to mention the enormous barn attached to the property.

We are going to move there latest in the end of September, depending on when the owners are able to get time from their work in UK and come here to help us with some official stuff.

I will add loads of pictures of the property as soon as we get there 🙂 (and we get the internet connection)

Feels soooooooooooo good!

Vive la France 🙂


2 comments on “Adventure in Italy changed to life in France

  1. Jeanette says:

    Åhh Laura! Vad roligt att ni redan funnit ett bra ställe!! Glad jag blir! Och va spännande att få se bilder när ni kommit dit! Så det blir Frankrike vi ska komma till och hälsa på! 🙂 Vad kul det ska bli! Är det långt ifrån din dotter?

    Kramar Jeanette

  2. Nina says:

    Wau, ihanaa. Kaikkea onnea teille molemmille.

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