Day trip to Saint Émilion

We made a trip to Saint Emilion village, which is located only 43km from here. It is the oldest wine area of the Bordeaux region. They produce over 36 million bottles of wine each year and the wine is considered the most robust of the Bordeaux. The town is nowadays part of the world heritage and that is easy to understand after visiting the old monolith church, which was carved out of a massive limestone rock in 11th century. The church is not visible from outside since it is underground and only the bell tower can be seen from the village.


There are hundreds of vineyards surrounding the village and in the whole valley. It is the time of the year that they just start picking the grapes and all the vines are so heavy from the fruit.

Saint-Émilion can be discovered quite easily by foot in a short time but there is so much to see. There are one wine shop after another where you can taste local wines and there a many wine cellars which welcome you to go in and have a look how they produce and store the wine.

Finally we had a wonderful lunch in a Galette bar. Galette’s are very thin pancakes made out of buckwheat and filled with various ways. Mine had ham, mushrooms, cheese and soft fried egg in and it was gorgeous. To company the meal we had obviously local red wine.

If you ever go anywhere near Saint-Émilion, go and make a visit, it is so worth seeing!



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