Vineyards and castles

We did another day trip today to explore more of the Bordeaux wine region. We drove through the Médoc district and we passed probably one hundred “Chateau’s” and miles and miles of vineyards. This is the time of the year that they are picking the grapes and we saw crowds of people in the fields with baskets tied on their backs. We talked that it would have been so cool to work couple of weeks in a vineyard as a grape picker, but we are little bit too late for this year. Let’s see if we get to try that next year instead.

First castle we saw was “Château D’Agassac” and they produce a Médoc wines that are advertised to be for example “Devilishly Bordeaux”. The vineyards of this Château were so huge that it was like looking to the ocean without being able to see the shore, but only with vines.

From there we drove to the area where they produce some of the most expensive wines there is. Château Mouton Rothschild is the only estate to achieve promotion under the Official 1855 Classification of Médoc and Graves. Two years prior to the classification, Baron Nathaniel de Rothschild bought the property. Unfortunately the estate is under large renovation and we weren’t able to get a picture.

After driving quite a long time we got so hungry that we really didn’t want to go around looking for castles anymore before eating something. When we arrived to St Laurent Médoc it was so late that we had missed French lunch time and most places were closed. What does an englishman and a finnjävel do when they are desperate? They are off to McDonalds….almost too shameful to admit but that is what we did. “Lunch” at 16.30 in Macdidlidoodles…USCH!

Here is one more Château we saw:






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