La Teste-de-Buch continues

The day after we went to the great dunes in Dune du Pylat. It is a sand due that is around 110 metres high, 500 metres wide and 2700 metres wide. First you climb about hundred steps up and then you reach the dunes. Obviously we wanted to do the whole thing so we climbed up and started walking forward. Very fresh and eager as you can be. The thing is that we really didn’t have a great deal of water with us and it was close to 30 degrees warm. We soldered on almost the whole way before heading down to the seashore. That was really hard job too, believe it or not. It seems easy to go downwards, but actually some distance that seems like 100 metres, takes about 20 minutes to accomplish. When we got down to the beach it felt so relieving, it took me a second or so to take off my clothes and dive in to the water to cool down! We soon realised though that in order to get back to the car, we need to climb up to the dunes again! I swear I thought I can’t make it since all the muscles in my legs were like jelly and without water it felt impossible to get back up. We did it all the same and when we got first up to the dunes and back the stairs, we went to the very first bar and we drank 1.5 litres of water in less than 10 minutes 🙂

We loved every minute of it and we decided to come back the next day 🙂 Only difference that we drove to Pyla s/ Mer and avoided climbing up the dunes and only walked the seashore to get to the beach. We had all the part of the beach for only for us and we spent a whole day just fishing and sunbathing and eating lovely lunch, cooling out in the sea every now ad then. My kind of holiday-day!