Whoopsies and roundabouts

What would a journey be without some whoopsies?

When we were on our way to Bordeaux and we were looking for a place to stay for night in Balma, we found a nice looking hotel called “Hotel De Ville”. We parked the car and went inside and asked if they had any rooms available for one night. The lady in the reception was very polite and said that they don’t, but she gave us two addresses to other hotels nearby. We thought that she got scared of our somewhat scruffy looks and wanted us to go elsewhere.

We found another place to stay and we learned much later that “Hotel de Ville” is not a hotel. It is actually a town hall/ city hall 🙂

I bet the lady had a good laugh with her colleagues when she told about us, probably told them that “we had couple of “those” again..

Another whoopsie was that every time we went driving somewhere from Bruges with Charlie and we weren’t sure which road to take in order to find our way back, we figured that the sign that says “Rocade” and has a picture that looks like an arena, is the right way to take us back home. It wasn’t always the shortest way and rarely the same way than previously. Perhaps because we were told that “Rocade” is the big ring way that goes around whole Bordeaus city 🙂

There are lot of roundabouts here, which is nice since they work smoother than traffic lights. (most of the time). Here in Bruges they have been decorated with different figures. We have given the roundabouts many new names. “Make up your mindabouts”, “What the hell are you talkingabouts”,  “Find your way aroundabouts”, “Second thoughtabouts” and so on. It is easy to get confused with the directions here 🙂