Girls night out

Couple of weeks ago we went to Bordeaux centre with Lotta to have girls night out. First we went to “Hammam Institute Feminin”, a Turkish bath-house for women. We had booked a treatment called “Gommage au Savon Noir”. When we arrived to the place we first spent an hour or so in the warm steam sauna and then we were sprayed with the “black soap” (which wasn’t actually black at all) and then we waited about half an hour in the steam. It was so hot in there that we had to exit couple of times to the corridor to get some fresh air! Little bit embarrassing, being Finnish and all….

Then a lady came to rinse off the soap and then she scrubbed our bodies all over with a rough cloth to remove all dead skin. After the treatment my skin was so soft and I felt cleaner than I thought it was even possible.

As a result of the hot steam, I looked like I had played squash for two hours without a break! I was red as a crab and sweated like a pig. Not so very attractive I suppose, but clean 🙂

After the visit to the Hammam, we went into a Sisha-bar to have a cup of tea and smoke apple flavored Sisha tobacco. It is a water pipe they traditionally use in many arab countries.

We then finished the evening with a super gorgeous dinner! I had mussels for a starter and duck for main course. Afterwards we walked by the river in Bordeaux joining hundreds of people who were out enjoying the warm and lovely evening…