Time to say goodbye to Bruges

Tomorrow it has been six weeks since we arrived to Bruges. Time certainly flies, since it doesn’t feel that long at all!

Everything comes to an end sometime and tomorrow we will head towards Villereal and the farm house which will be our home for at least for one year. VERY exiting 🙂 During our stay here we have experienced so much more than expected. In good and bad. We have managed to get french subscriptions to our mobile. We have sent registration papers for Charlie to start a company included a visit in to an office that handles them. We have been in local recycling centre (that was interesting, you have to drive on to a platform on very steep slope and then throw the junk we had over the metal fence in a container that was under). And when Charlie got ill, we went to a doctor, he had x-ray, blood test and urine test taken. (He is very well now, thanks to a brilliant health care system). We have ordered oil to be delivered to the house and also sorted out internet and telephone connections there.

We have explored Bordeaux few times and it is such a lovely city! You wouldn’t get disappointed if you paid a visit, I’m sure. There is so much to see that one week wouldn’t be enough to manage it all.

We have got to know all the neighbours in Rue Des Magnolias, had a wonderful “Aperitive” out together one evening and given and received many many cheek kisses left and right 🙂

This will be the last post to this category since we wouldn’t be “On the road” any longer. After we have settled to our new home, I will start a new category to tell about life in French country side.

Love and hugs for all of you from both of us!

I also want to thank Lotta, Régis and the family for the hospitality and all the help they have given, we couldn’t have managed without you!!! Hope to see you soon again 🙂

Vive la France!!!


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