Home sweet home!

May I introduce our new home, The Sunflower House 🙂

These are pics from the front side of the house:


This is the entrance to our Gin & Tonic garden in the front of the house. Believe it or not, WE didn’t give the name 🙂

These are from the back of the house and from the garden:



Here are the kitchen and the lounge:


And the four poster on suite bedroom which we are using as “our” bedroom currently:


And this is the downstairs guest bedroom, also on suite. It could be called the “Hollywood suite” since there are lot of pics of movie stars 🙂


These are pics from the conservatory which is almost as big as the rest of the house. Window cleaner’s dream 🙂


I haven’t taken pictures from the upstairs bedrooms (3) since they are yet unfurnished. We are not quite sure if we want to set up a B&B or similar so they will stay empty for the mo….

Oh yes, forgot to mention that is it very nice in here! I will write soon about all the stuff we’ve seen and experienced in the french country side 🙂


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