We did a day trip today to town called Monflanquin. It is a very beautiful hilltop village about 13 km from us, which has been said that it is the most beautiful “Bastide” in France. It truly was impressive! It is on the top of a high hill and from there downwards leads tens of narrow and charming alleys. Monflanquin celebrated it’s 750-year anniversary in 2006, so it has seen a lot even after the Hundred Year War.

The views to the surrounding countryside from the town are breathtaking to say the least. Now that it is autumn, the colors change in hue from yellow though orange, red and all nuances between. Today was also a perfect day for visiting Monflanquin, sun was shining from a bright blue sky and it made the alleyways look so cool with all shadows.

Here are some pics I took:

This is how the town looks like when approaching from Villeneuve Sur Lot

These are some of the many alleyways in the town


Cute details in people’s houses and a name of a street which was bit funny






















Hunting season and other fauna news

It is hunting season for game birds here at the moment. In the mornings, especially in the weekend, we hear loads of dogs barking, followed by gunshots. We have seen variety of wildlife around our garden. When we were walking, we saw three deers and several pearl hens and pheasants. One great bit male pheasant was sleeping in one of the trees in the front yard. I didn’t even know that they go on trees…We were laughing to the thought that the birds see that our car has swedish plates, so they come here since they think they are safe. And they are right 🙂 (we don’t possess one single shotgun)

There is a woodpecker couple living here and I enjoy watching them doing their bird stuff. They are rather large and colorful. Unfortunately I don’t know what they are called, but if I get a change, I will take a picture one day and post it here.

And I have seen a real toad! First time since childhood for sure. It was in our porch one rainy day. We have our own house bat too, living in the grunge. And green and black patterned salamander living in one space outside where we have our water meter under a concrete “lid”.

Had to update the previous one because when we went to see the salamander, there was two of them now and they had twins there too. Happy family 🙂

We find it most interesting to find out new stuff every day! During the daytime there are tens of hawks hunting in the fields and in the night time we hear many different owls.


Challenging start


It’s been two weeks now since we moved here. We had quite challenging start because one morning when we were about to drive to town and do some shopping, our car didn’t start. I found out that I had “mobility guarantee”, which means that if the car breaks anywhere in Europe, it will be taken to the garage without any cost. Which was extremely lucky in our circumstances; the nearest VW service is more than 40 km away from here.

I called to the service centre in Sweden and they contacted the French service. They called me (!) and it took all our not so excessive French language knowledge to explain to the mechanic how to get here. We managed in the end and he arrived here. He checked the car and said that there is nothing he can do and that the car needs to be taken to the VW service. We pushed the car on his lorry and he drove away. He said that we will get contacted by the service when they know more.

It took three days before they called. Something wrong with the injection system and it will cost us around €600 to get it fixed! Well, what else is there to do than just tell them to fix it…

In the meanwhile when we were here without any transportation, we walked to town and back (14km) to fetch bread and milk 🙂 On the positive side, we got some good exercise. They don’t have public transport in these parts, so we picked the car up with taxi. That cost us €65 more. Though we are trying to get that back since we think it should belong to the guarantee. We’ll see…

Now Fergie is back home and she feels fine. And we feel little bit less stressed 🙂