Hunting season and other fauna news

It is hunting season for game birds here at the moment. In the mornings, especially in the weekend, we hear loads of dogs barking, followed by gunshots. We have seen variety of wildlife around our garden. When we were walking, we saw three deers and several pearl hens and pheasants. One great bit male pheasant was sleeping in one of the trees in the front yard. I didn’t even know that they go on trees…We were laughing to the thought that the birds see that our car has swedish plates, so they come here since they think they are safe. And they are right 🙂 (we don’t possess one single shotgun)

There is a woodpecker couple living here and I enjoy watching them doing their bird stuff. They are rather large and colorful. Unfortunately I don’t know what they are called, but if I get a change, I will take a picture one day and post it here.

And I have seen a real toad! First time since childhood for sure. It was in our porch one rainy day. We have our own house bat too, living in the grunge. And green and black patterned salamander living in one space outside where we have our water meter under a concrete “lid”.

Had to update the previous one because when we went to see the salamander, there was two of them now and they had twins there too. Happy family 🙂

We find it most interesting to find out new stuff every day! During the daytime there are tens of hawks hunting in the fields and in the night time we hear many different owls.



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