We did a day trip today to town called Monflanquin. It is a very beautiful hilltop village about 13 km from us, which has been said that it is the most beautiful “Bastide” in France. It truly was impressive! It is on the top of a high hill and from there downwards leads tens of narrow and charming alleys. Monflanquin celebrated it’s 750-year anniversary in 2006, so it has seen a lot even after the Hundred Year War.

The views to the surrounding countryside from the town are breathtaking to say the least. Now that it is autumn, the colors change in hue from yellow though orange, red and all nuances between. Today was also a perfect day for visiting Monflanquin, sun was shining from a bright blue sky and it made the alleyways look so cool with all shadows.

Here are some pics I took:

This is how the town looks like when approaching from Villeneuve Sur Lot

These are some of the many alleyways in the town


Cute details in people’s houses and a name of a street which was bit funny






















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