Paris and Louvre

We had a wonderful Christmas in Paris! The long, 1200km drive there and back was well worth the effort. We arrived on 22.12 in the evening, and we were welcomed by lovely dinner and wonderful company.

The next day we took a train to Paris with Charlie. We walked more than 20km that day and if there would have been more time we would have walked three times as much! There is so much to see! We first went to see Notre Dame and from there we walked to Louvre. We hadn’t planned to actually go in the museum but we realized that it would be so very stupid not to since we were already there and who knows, maybe it was our only chance ever to see it. So we did go in and fulfilled both our lifetime dreams!

It felt almost surreal to actually be in the Louvre and to be able to see all the amazing artwork in there! It is hard to describe, one felt oneself so small…All the sculptures and paintings that have survived hundreds of years. The museum itself was a piece of great art! And it is big, it would take several weeks to really study all the work in there. Unfortunately we only had about three hours to rush through, but we did see everything except the Asian art section, which didn’t interest us right at the moment as much as the rest. We were surprised that they allowed us to take photos, only without flash of course, but still. I think it is brilliant that we were able to take memories with us in picture form 🙂 Here are some examples of the ones I took:

Cupid Playing with a Butterfly by Antoine-Denis Chaudet (1763-1810)

Cleopatra’s Death by Giovanni Pedrini Giampietrino sometimes in 1500-hundreds

This is called “Psyche and Cupid” and the artist is Francois GĂ©rard. I can’t believe that someone can paint see-through material like the clothing on this picture!

This is “The Consecration of Napoleon” by Jacques-Louis Dacid (1805-1807) True masterpiece! The size is 621cm x 979cm and it has 191 figures painted in it. Wow!!!

This was the closest we get to the most popular picture in the Louvre! It was surrounded with a fence and crowds of people! Charlie and Mo 🙂


This is the sculpture of Mary Magdalena by Gregor Erhart in early 16th century. It is very tall, 325 cm! And beautiful!


After visiting the Louvre we walked the The Avenue des Champs-ÉlysĂ©es and admired the Christmas market that reached at least a kilometer long. There we loads of people and endless row of stalls where they sold everything between food and christmas decorations. Then we went to a tiny little restaurant to have a nice glass of Pessac-LĂ©ognan wine and after that we strolled to see the Eiffel Tower. Perfect timing since it had become dark and they’ve just switched on the lights! Beautiful as anything!