Things will start cooking again

Yes, there was definitely something wrong with the owen. We spent a lot of time trying to find an electrician to come and have a look at it. Finally we found a place in the town where we could go and ask some help. I took a picture of the owen with my mobile phone and we prepared a little note (with a help of Google translator) to help us explain the situation to the electrician.


The first bit went really well (bonjour). Charlie started to describe our problem to the guy and I supported him by spinning my finger wildly in the air, which was meant to resemble the broken fan. If the electrician would have lifted his eyebrows any higher, they would have reached the back of his head. But he seemed little bit curious at the same time so we continued bravely, and managed to make ourselves understood. His opinion was that the thermostat is broken and it needs to be changed. We set a date when he could come and replace it, just couple of days before Christmas.

He came and we chatted a little before he started to repair the owen (bonjour). In his opinion, there was nothing wrong with the fan, but I asked him to disconnect it anyway since I was sure that was the reason for the loud noise. It is really handy to have Google translator, we wrote in turns what we had to say and we were able to understand each other.  Finally the owen got fixed and I was extremely happy that I would be able to continue my French cooking without burning everything 🙂

By the way, the noise is still there, but otherwise the owen is working well…


Things ain’t cooking in my kitchen

When we settled in here, I reckoned that since we are in France, one needs to approach cooking with passion, devotion and respect. And one has to sacrifice a lot of time to it.

So I bought myself a French cook book to give me direction and guidance. The book is called “Cuisine Petit Prix”, full of delicious semi-easy recipes with reasonable cost. The first recipe I wanted to give a go with was “Quiche aux poireaux”, Leek pie. (you will find the recipe in the cooking section later on if you want try)

I felt myself like one of those celebrity chefs with my apron on and cheeks red out of excitement, maybe partially because of the red wine I was cooking with. And I was in a FRENCH kitchen with a kitchen isle and above it all sorts of pots and pans and cooking equipment hanging. Just like on tv 🙂

After I’ve made the dough, prepared the leeks and onions it was time to turn the owen on. When I switched the button, the kitchen was filled with loud, trembling noise. It came from the owen. It also looked like the owen could start roaming uncontrolled around the kitchen in any minute. I observed the situation for a while and since it looked like the owen is getting warm and staying more or less in place, I finished the pie and put it in the owen to cook. Because I have sometimes tendency to forget things, I also put the timer for half an hour to tell me when the pie will be done.

While I was waiting for the pie, I set the table, light the candles and opened the wine.

After about 15 minutes, I smelled burning. I rushed in the kitchen and opened the owen door and what did I see? It was a rather sad sight. The pie was totally black from the edges, or actually everywhere that it could get black.

Well, well, there was nothing else to do but scrape the burned edges to make the pie little less hideous and serve it.

Not only that it turned out to be burned from outside, it was also near to undone inside. The taste wasn’t at all bad and the wine was delicious 🙂

I will give Quiche au poireaux another attempt when I have plucked up my courage..

It was time to get someone to fix the owen, I will tell you later how did that go and also what else has or hasn’t been cooking in my kitchen.