My name is Laura. I have lived most my life in Finland, where I come from, but the last eight or so years I have lived in Sweden with my English spouse, Charlie. I have one daughter, Lotta, who is living in Bordeaux, France, with her husband, Régis and their two wonderful sons, Hugo and Noah.

In couple of years from now I have toddled on this planet for half a century. Wow, that sounds a lot!

I would describe myself as impulsive and adventurous, other people might use different wording, like “nuts”.

I am very interested about self-development and the power of mind. I find it totally fascinating of how unlimited the resource is that is hidden inside one’s head.

I love art and music in all forms. I like playing golf, however frustrating game it is. I read a lot, there is nothing better than diving in a good book! The best way of feeding my soul (and stomach, if lucky) is fishing! When I look in a mirror, I have to admit that I don’t only love cooking but also the results of it 🙂


One comment on “About

  1. Hej.
    Så kul att läsa och se era äventyr. Skulle ha kommenterat inlägg i bloggen, men det finns ingen kommentarsfält där. Något medvetet val eller omedvetet?
    Jag har oxå wordpress, så vill du ha hjälp så säg till bara.
    Härliga sanddyner, o det ser helt underbart ut!

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